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My Siblings Were Scheming, While I Was Dreaming, Elder Abuse, Duress, Fraud, Foul Play, Murder?   

The Players. Gary Nelson, Leavenworth Lawyer, Deed Fraud, Deed, Fraud, Foul Play, Murder, Fail v Fail, Tonia Dedeke Nelson, June Fail Dedeke, Ivan Lee Fail, John Fail, Patty Hon.

The Judge. Judge Rogers, Wilson County District Court. 

The Lawyers. Gary Nelson, Chuck Apt, Ted Knopp, Kurt Kluin, Brian Grace, John Rubow.  

Victims. Ivan J. Fail, Adam Fail, Larry Fail.

Family & Friends.  Bill Fail, Winifred Fail, Pat Fail, Sprague, Gary Fail, Connie Fail, Frank Greve, Glen Berg, Lynn Hinkle, Mark Garretson, Gayle Garretson, Phil Jerrod, Bruce Jackson, Bank of Commerce, Rita, Delores Rose, Ila Rose Bosworth, Bill Pray.       


About macphale

Also know as Larry Fail & Larry "never" Fail. I am a Real Estate Broker. I own and operate in Denver Colorado. I am a song writer and musician. I also write short stories and have a novel and a several true story's in progress. I enjoying painting and do various other forms of art work. I was born and raised on a farm in South East Kansas but live in and love Colorado. I have been blessed with wonderful children including two sets of twins.
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